Jérome REINE was born in the mountains, where trees change according to the
He reads poetry into every one of them .
He can see forms that express the fury of our world.
After pursuing various professions and notably mastering a variety of tools, he returned
to nature
and reinvented wood sculpture.
Each sculpture is a challenge to translate the emotion of the tree from which the dead wood
originated.Trees , from which we all descend , dictate the creation ,Jérome
is their messenger :
he is merely the expression of the trees' anger at being
annihilated .
He pushes his technique to its limits in order to show
that the improbable is non-the-less possible .
That's to say we can still believe in a better world , in
spite of wars, conflicting interests
and corruption in politics. Politics which should be serving
the greater good,
instead of privileging monsters such as the multinationals
that are destroying our planet.
Jérome Reine is not alone in his opinions :
he's part of a growing minority that is showing that
nothing is impossible,
not even believing in a better world
for our beloved children.
All those who do not believe are asked not to deter those who do .
A minimum of respect, if you please !
He visualises forms in simple pieces of dead wood and revitalises them
in a unique way.
Uniqueness is this : making possible the improbable.
He's just a man of his time whose art
creations are a battle-cry.
For Life needs to be defended starting now,
not tomorrow,
when it will be too late.
We deserve to disappear if we lose this battle .
Artistic creation may today, therefore, be likened to a battle
against war, the latter being the modern-day
who destroy art and creativity .
Jérome Reine creates a paradox to show that the battle is not lost.
A paradox is a truth standing on its head in order to be noticed !
The paradox here is that using wood - the oldest material in the world
he can still create things of the future.
Nothing is therefore impossible,
sh**, even saving the planet .
One word to the wise man is enough !