Jerome REINE has always been a live wire !
Professionally , he would never stay in a rut, but was always looking for change .
He's an adventurer and once he's mastered a job, he's already looking for another project. It's his way of staying alive !
When young, he wanted to change the world, so he studied politics, until

one of his tutors told him that you can't change the world just with good intentions...
So he put on his mackintosh and his hat and set off to study photography in PARIS.
Four years into photography, he met a fashion designer and followed this road for a couple of years. Still yearning for change, he returned to ALBERTVILLE to work on the opening ceremony of the 1992 winter Olympics.
Here , he met the stage designer Jean RABASSE, with whom he later won an Oscar for best stage design for the film « VATTEL ».
During the Olympics, he also met that great French choreographer, Philippe DECOUFLE, with whom he subsequently spent 10 years setting up those larger-than-life aerial choreographies .
He became an acrobatic stage-setter – originating from the Alpes,
he knows a thing or two about mountaineering !
Following this experience, Jerome initiated a road theatre and spent two years travelling with that.
During this time,
he published a book detailing a 20- day period in his life.
He then embarked on a 10-year career as set designer for the cinema .
Computer programming was his next project, which he began at a time when this was in it's infancy. After 4 years in this field, he returned to cinema as a properties' creator.
Between films, he invented a new form of wood sculpture and this, his current passion,
is the one he presents today.
Pieces of dead wood from various types of trees found here and there,
but chosen with an instinct for form, are carefully shaped, hollowed out, polished and reassembled to create a unique objet which is light, sensual and pleasing to handle. Every piece is unique and by its originality and elegance attracts interest and incites curiosity and admiration.
First school : political science

Photography :
At first he photographs Paris by night and celebrities on TV shows . He works for various record-producing companies, makes portraits of actors and then enters the fashion world – cat-walks and model-casting - then works as exclusive photographer for a celebrated French designer, Claudie PIERLOT . On becoming her production manager, he gradually abandons photograhy and becomes a model himself , both on the cat-walks and for publicity photos. He's also been a lighting engineer and a drag queen , just for laughs. .
Stage production :
Jerome has spent some twenty years as set designer for many of the biggest events in France,where dancers fly more than 20 meters into the air . Twenty years of installing more and more complicated and wild creations : live visual effects with no faking and constantly new ideas, because the public demand innovation. Each summer he has created stage productions in the most beautiful venues in Paris with dance companies such as Merce CUNNINGHAM , as well as celebrated live theatre and classical music orchestras from the world over, making each evening a magical experience.
Circus :
Collaboration with the «  Cirque Baobab » , the « Cirque Romanés », the «Tréteaux de Niger »,and the « Cirque Plume » as well as road theatre with explosions and mechanical waterfalls. Also « La belle vie d'Ange » &&
Cinema :
As a carpenter, he's been able to add his own personal touch to the decor for numerous art movies and publicity films, as well as on big French movie productions.
Computing :
For a change, and to keep up with modern developments, he attended computer school and subsequently set up a business creating intranet websites for towns and businesses.This was a great success, but as he didn't want to spend the rest of his life on this profession, he sold his business and returned to work in films,where he specialised in creating elaborate movie props.
Artist :
Eventually, he founded a gallery in order to show off his own sculpture : pieces of dead wood chosen with care and transformed into works of art. His method of hollowing out, polishing, sculpting and reassembling the piece to create a unique objet which is light, sensual and pleasing to handle , is entirely innovative. Every piece is unique and by it's originality and elegance attracts attention and incites curiosity and admiration.